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Why Responsive Design Is Important

Apr 2, 2017 / by devuser / In Design, Website Design / Tags: / Comments Off on Why Responsive Design Is Important

Responsive design has become a necessity to achieve good rankings on the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page). Google has made it kind of mandatory for websites to have responsive design and this has led many businesses to transform their website with responsive design.

Here are some tips that will help you to have a better responsive design for your website.

  • Plan out what are your requirements and
  • how can you make the website responsive
  • Use Prototyping Software
  • Have a Mobile First Strategy
  • Remember proper Navigation
  • First Create the Look and Feel of the website
  • You should use Multiple Software Programs
  • Images should be of high quality but low in kb (kilobytes)
  • Same Measurements for Images
  • Parallax Scrolling is a must
  • Have regular updates
  • Reduce the amount of Text
  • Have a clean and suave design.
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