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Top Tips For Google AdWords Beginners (Part 1)

Jun 24, 2017 / by devuser / In Digital Marketing, Google Adwords / Tags: / Comments Off on Top Tips For Google AdWords Beginners (Part 1)

Google Adwords helps your website to get instant visibility. Here are some tips for beginners that will help you in your campaign.


Tips for Ad Copy

  • You should not focus only on One Metric
  • Relevance is The Key
  • Never forget Call-To-Action
  • Use relevant Landing Page
  • Ad Extensions are Mandatory


Tips for Keywords

  • Don’t Use Broad Match
  • Long Tail Keywords are not everything
  • One-Worded Keywords are not good enough
  • You Can Add Instances of the Same Keyword in Different Match Types within the Same Campaign
  • Negative Keywords Are Not the only Choice
  • If You Have More Than One Campaign Use Negative Keyword Lists


Account Structure

  • Make Account Structure on Keyword Themes
  • Combine the Account Structure With the site
  • 1 Keyword, 1 Ad Group is good for Professionals Only
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