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How to Improve Web Design Skills

Mar 18, 2017 / by devuser / In Website Design / Tags: / Comments Off on How to Improve Web Design Skills

Designing a website for any business can prove to be a time consuming and difficult task. With new ideas and designs emerging every other day, web designing has become quite a competitive field.

Here are some tips that can be helpful for your web design campaign.

  • Start designing in shades of gray, then you can add colour later
  • You can use Keynote (for Mac) to make rapid page prototypes
  • You can add web fonts in the corporate style guide
  • Place social media icons in the footer and not in the header
  • Get rid of the slideshow/carousel
  • Simplify the navigation of the website
  • Remove sidebars to increase the number of clicks on call to action
  • Have a colour combination with natural look
  • Make plans on whiteboard first
  • Increase the font size
  • Use white space effectively.
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